Hey You!

Hi, I am Maryam and welcome to  my blog! I am an 18 years old girl living and enjoying  life in Ghent, Belgium. I created this blog to spread my creativity (hence the name ‘Creative Droplets’ 🙂 ), meet new people and put my love for writing into a new platform for hopefully others to enjoy. You shall be able to read posts about different things l enjoy doing and events going on in my life; such as lifestyle, beauty, FOOD, art, literature, heart to hearts with you and so much more. Another reason why I gave birth to this blog (yes, I know, I can get quite a bit dramatic and TMI sometimes. Brave yourselves for it 😉 ) is to look back on it and reread how my life will have maybe changed and to read about the things I enjoyed doing.

Now, you may be wondering who this girl behind this blog is, don’t you? Well, let’s come closer (don’t be shy, I don’t bite 🙂 ) to get to know each other. So you already have my name, ‘Maryam’ and my age which is 18. So guys, don’t be worried you are not reading a blog of a 60+ years old man! (but if you do, in general, that’s fine! You do You! No judgment over here!) I live in Ghent, the PRETTIEST place you can imagine. I will be making a post about my obsession for this city in the future.  Now I don’t want this to be an introduction, like the ones that happen on the first day of school, where you hope the teacher will get your name right (and this pretty much, has never happened to me :p) and how you try to memorize every possible hobby you practice. But yes, I apologize in advance, I will have to mention a few of my occupations to you, who knows, we might have the same ones? I enjoy reading books, writing, having fun with my friends, having good food, wasting time on the internet (because obviously there is no other better thing to do!), working out, playing around with makeup and hair and yeah, that’s pretty much it. I know, l quite do live the exciting life, don’t I? :p

I am also starting a new chapter in my life next to my blog, which is University College. I will be attending University College in Ghent. I have enrolled myself in for IBM (International Business Management)  and let me tell you, I am over the moon excited for this new adventure! Besides that, I am looking forward to sharing my content with you and to get to know you as well of course!

Stay tuned, stay happy and see you next time 🙂


Maryam xx

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